Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Crossplay Stadia

Destiny 2 Cross-play Beta Playlist Stadia

Destiny 2 Cross-play Beta Playlist Destiny 2 cross-play feature has been requested by fans for a long time now and while it has been on Bungie’s roadmap for some time now, it finally seems they ...

Destiny 2 Stadia

Destiny 2 Goes Free To Play On Google Stadia

Destiny 2 is going free to play on Google Stadia Last week we spoke about how Destiny 2 was no longer going to be a Google Stadia pro game come November 19th, now in that article, we also speculated t...

Destiny 2

Destiny 2: The Collection Leaving Stadia Pro

Destiny 2: The Collection is leaving Google Stadia Pro Destiny 2: The collection has been a part of Google Stadia Pro since the launch of Google Stadia, well now it seems that Destiny 2: The Collectio...

Destiny 2

destiny 2 beyond light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light new trailer released

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Trailer shown! Today during Gamescon, destiny released there new trailer showing off the new expansion coming to Destiny 2, called ‘Beyond Light’. This new expansion...

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Available to Pre-order on Stadia

Google Are now allowing pre-orders? It seems that Google is starting to allow pre-orders, with Destiny 2: Beyond Light now being available to pre-order on Google Stadia. You can check out the Destiny ...

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