Wave Break Review – Fun to play, Hard to master

Fun to play, Hard to master

Wave Break is a game that involves Skateboating and I’ll tell you something now, it is hard. Here is some info about the game: “Wave Break is an arcade-style skateBOATING game, with a splash of guns, kickflips and explosions – set in an 80s crime-filled Miami Vice inspired world.”


Wave Break campaign consists of 4 different levels, now this might not seem like a lot, however, each level has different objectives. Now in order to unlock the next level, you have to complete a certain amount of objectives. You can check out some of the objectives below. Now as i said 4 levels may not seem like a lot, however, the objectives for each level are not easy.

Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News

Wave Break objectives for each campaign.

Now you have 2 minutes, to try to complete as many objectives as possible. However, i found the best way to complete objectives, is to just focus on one at a time. As some of them can be very hard and with only a 2-minute timer, it just makes it even harder.

Each campaign also has hidden objectives, which will involve you having to find a crocodile, in which they will give you a mission. For example, one of the missions is to plant TNT on a yacht and then grind up to the top of the lighthouse to get the detonator and blow up the yacht. What is also cool, is upon completing these missions, you will see the map change, so when you blow up the yacht, it will actually move from where it was, to the lighthouse, giving you more options to do some tricks. You can check out a screenshot below:

Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News

Wave Break map changes.

Wave Break Custom Games


Freeplay is probably one of the best places for you to practice your skateboating abilities, it can be played with up to 4 players and you can set a time limit from 2 minutes all the way up to unlimited. Now because you can set unlimited time in free play, this gives you the freedom to explore the map and practice certain skills which you have been trying to do in the campaign.

In free play, you also have the ability to choose which map you want to play on, without having to unlock it first via the campaign, which is nice to see.

Time Attack

Time Attack pits you against AI’s and you can set the time limit, now in time attack, you have a set amount of time to try to get the highest score possible, by doing as many tricks as possible. However, ill tell you this now, these AI characters are on another level like i got destroyed by them. You can see my fail below:

Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News

Do watch out as well as these AI’s have no problem with shooting at you while you are trying to do some awesome tricks.


Deathmatch is probably where i had the most fun, as it is like Call Of Duty, however just on boats. So you will be putting all your Skatboating abilities to the test to try to avoid other players shooting at you, while also shooting back at them. I’ll also give you a little tip, depending on the weapon you are using, don’t hold down the trigger, as it will slow down the shooting speed, so you are best of tapping the trigger button.

Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News

Now when playing deathmatch, you start off with a pistol, in which you only have a set amount of bullets. Now around the map, you will find other weapons which you can pick up. Now the pistol is a free weapon to pick up, but other weapons such as the Shotgun or Machine Gun will cost you cash. In order to get cash in Deathmatch, you have to get kills, upon killing another player they will drop cash bundles which you can then pick up.

Now upon completing Time Attack and Deathmatch you will receive cash, which you can use to upgrade your character at the Gym or maybe you want to go after some cosmetics items. We will discuss more on what you can spend your cash on below. However, check out some screenshots from one of our Deathmatch games:


You can choose from 4 playable characters, each has a different set of starts skills in the gym, so be sure to have a look at each different characters starter skills, to see which one best suits you before you start upgrading them. Now it would be nice if you were able to see the different start gym skills on the character select screen, without having to select the character then back out and go all the way to the gym to have a look.


Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News

Different characters in Wave Break.

Character Customization

When it comes to character customization in Wave Break, you have a lot to choose from. Now you can customize your boat and your character. So when it comes to customizing your boat or character when you go to the shop it will give you a limited selection, however, when going back and reloading the shop it will show you a bunch of new customization options, so if you can’t find something you are looking for, just reload the shop.

When it comes to boat customization, you can choose from different attachments and decals. Now you can also buy other boats, i have currently only seen 2 which you can purchase, in which when reading the description changes how you play. For Example, the $5000 boat which you can purchase trades speed for handling.

Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News


The Gym is where you can fine-tune your character, so if you are struggling with doing certain tricks on the campaign mode. For Example, having to jump over the rope bridge. It might be that you can’t jump high enough to clear the bridge, so you can come to the gym and upgrade your characters jump ability, allowing them to jump higher.

Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News

Now it would have been nice to see some stats, so for toughness, it would have been nice to see your current health and then see what it would be like after the upgrade. This would show you if it was worth upgrading.


Multiplayer is one big Time Attack, you have 4 minutes to do as many tricks as possible to try to get the highest score. up to a maximum of 4 players, you are to try to avoid getting shot while also getting the highest score. Multiplayer can be a ton of fun, however, very frustrating at the same time, as when you are on a high trick and at around 15,000 and someone shoots you mid trick, it can be very annoying.

Wave Break Review - Fun to play, Hard to master Daily Google Stadia News

Now what i found disappointing for Multiplayer was the lack of modes, in custom games, you have the ability to play deathmatch, however, when playing online deathmatch is not a mode. In fact, you don’t get to choose a multiplayer mode, as there is only time attack available. So i would like to see deathmatch come to multiplayer.


Overall Wave Break is a fun game to play but is going to take some time to master. It gives you plenty of character customization, giving you something to grind for. Now for me, the lack of a tutorial is pretty bad, especially with how hard the game can be to learn. I learnt most of the abilities from loading screen tips. however, overall the game does a really good job of giving you that 80’s arcade-style game.

What do you think of Wave Break? Let us know in the comments below.


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