Get Packed Review – A Fun Game To Play With Friends

Get Packed Review

Get Packed is a game about a small town called Ditchlington, where the Mayor of the town has sold everything to a big corporation called Industrial Salt Co. Now it is down to you to save the town of Ditchlington and move all there stuff.

Get Packed is a physics-based game and at times things can get crazy, as each map you play on is completely different from the other. Sometimes you may just have your friends to look out for, other times it could be a wrecking ball swinging in the map, or maybe even racing forklifts. Either way, this game always has something going on to keep you on your toes while saving the people of Ditchlington.

Do note there will be spoilers down below.


As soon as you start the campaign, you are given the ability to skip the tutorial or play through it and let me just say you shouldn’t skip it as although the game is pretty easy to pick up, there are also some hidden mechanics that the tutorial will show you. For example, packing items – so if you hold something with both hands you can pack it into a box making it take up less room on the van so you are not constantly sending the van away all the time, though only one player at a time can do this.

The game is pretty straight forward, you are tasked with grabbing stuff from the house, office, or warehouse and you have to bring it to the van without trying to break it too much as you lose money every time you break something and things are easy to break in this game. As you are playing the level you are also tasked with grabbing certain items that the customer is requesting, so you have a certain amount of time to grab it, take it to the van without destroying it and send the van off. These items will give you bonus cash once completed.

Every level of the campaign has a different goal which you have to reach in order to complete the level. There are 3 stars, to complete the level and unlock the next one you must obtain at least 1 star, which might seem easy but I can’t tell you the number of times I have gotten the one-star and then broken a ton of things and then lost my one-star.

Each level of the campaign also adds different mechanics, For Example, level 2 will have traffic control meaning one player of your team can rip out the stop sign and control the traffic while you are crossing the road with high-value items. Or  Level 3 has a trampoline that can help you get to certain areas fast but be careful when jumping down with items because they could break meaning you lose money.

For the campaign, there are Five stages altogether, with each stage containing 3 levels. As well as a tape which you can watch which goes into more detail over the story and why you are doing those 3 levels. Although there are 5 stages, currently only 4 are available to play with the developers stating they already have stage 5 in the works, so I can’t see us waiting too long for them to release it.

When starting each stage be sure to watch the tape, as it gives you a short video into the back story of each stage. So Stage 1, is the beginning of your journey where you meet the team before starting the moving company. Stage 2, you have now set up a moving company called Last-Ditch Removals. Stage 3, This is where you meet the unlockable character called Helen, as your moving company is going downhill due to there being no more clients in town, but don’t worry as Helen has a plan. Stage 4, So Helen’s plan didn’t go down well and you have now been sentenced to hard packing for 13 years.


Get Packed Review - A Fun Game To Play With Friends Daily Google Stadia News

Get Packed different stages and levels.

Unfortunately, it does feel like the game is not built for a single-player experience as some of the goals as you progress further into the campaign can be hard to hit while playing on your own. As well as some of the mechanics requiring you to play with other players in order to take advantage of them. Like the traffic control one.

The campaign is also pretty short, although there is some replayability to it, which we will speak about further down. I would have liked to of seen more levels in each stage. However, the developers have already stated that they will be bringing more levels and game modes further down the line, during an interview with Wccftech.


This is when the game really shines. Finding a match online didn’t take that long and playing with other players just makes things a lot funnier. Especially how even though you are working together, it can also feel like a competition as at the end of the level it goes over who made the most money and who caused the most damage. So sometimes when you see someone holding a high-value item you feel like knocking them out and stealing it and taking it to the van yourself just so you can get the reward for cashing it in. (I did this plenty of times).

Playing online also allows you to take advantage of the game’s mechanics, like having one player stop the traffic while the rest of you pull the car in one of the levels to the delivery truck. (you also get an achievement for doing this). We failed a few times but we were determined to do it aha.

Destruction Mode

So when you complete a level, you then unlock a mode called Destruction Mode. Now you know during the campaign when you were trying to break as little stuff as possible. Well in destruction mode, you go rogue and try to break as many things as possible in the time limit. The more items you break, the more stars you get.

While it sounds easy, sometimes trying to break things can be a bit of a challenge, but that is also what makes it fun. As you have different mechanics for each map, so it is now about rather than trying to dodge them, you are purposely trying to throw stuff in front of them. Hell if all is failing just grab something big and start swinging it around, I’m sure your bound to break something this way (worked for me).

Destruction mode is where I probably had the most fun, as when you are playing with a couple of mates online, this mode really does create a lot of fun as you are just destroying everything and knocking your friends out in the process. Plus you are also competing to see who does the most damage. (i think I was having too much fun purposely knocking my friends out though.) As you can see from the images below destruction mode in Get Packed can get hectic.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode pits two teams against each other to see who can make the most amount of money. This mode is a lot of fun, as it makes you play a lot more tactically, do you have one friend watching the van, while you go around grabbing everything. Or maybe you both run around grabbing stuff but then you leave the van unprotected from the enemy team.

Versus mode has 3 maps different from the campaign and destruction mode. These maps being Roundabout Rivals, Mining For Salt, and In Reverse. Each map has different mechanics, which can either benefit you or go against you depending on the situation you are in.

When spawning in both teams will be spawned on opposite sides and have there own van each, the Red team has to get as much stuff to the red van as possible and the blue team has to get as much stuff to the Blue van as possible. Definitely, a game mode to play with some friends rounds yours.

Get Packed Review - A Fun Game To Play With Friends Daily Google Stadia News

Character Customization

When you start playing the game, you can play as 4 characters these being Jay, Kristen, Rika, and Johnson. Now as you progress through the campaign mode you can unlock another character called Helen. You can also unlock another character, however, to do so, you must complete all the challenges, which involves you completing each level in each stage and get 3 stars for every level.

Not only do you unlock a new character for beating all these challenges, but as you complete different challenges you will also unlock different head styles for the characters. Now while I would have liked to see more customization, like more outfits. It is still a nice touch and adds some replayability to the levels making you aim for 3 stars.

Moonshine and Coatsink have already said though that they will be adding more customization further down the line. “We’ve also got plenty of plans to continue adding content throughout the following year, whether it’s new stages or new competitive levels, additional character customizations.”

Get Packed Review - A Fun Game To Play With Friends Daily Google Stadia News

Get Packed character customization.

Gameplay Mechanics

Get Packed is a physics-based game and while playing on my Chromecast or the Web I didn’t notice any lag what so ever, everything ran buttery smooth. Even when in a mode like destruction mode and there is so much happening at once, no lag what so ever. Gameplay-wise, the game feels smooth in terms of character movement and picking things up. Sometimes the camera angles can be annoying, especially when you are playing with 4 players.

Now I did run into one issue during my gameplay, which was when I got stuck in the van as it was driving off, now when the van comes back you can get out and continue packing stuff. Well for some reason the van come back and I was nowhere to be found, after about 30 seconds of wondering what was going on, it turned out I had been put outside of the border of the map.


Overall Get Packed is a really fun game, mainly when you are playing with friends as that is where it shines. Especially when it comes to destruction mode, I can’t tell you the number of times I have been laughing because I have knocked someone out or something completely stupid has happened. I can’t wait to see what Moonshine and Coatsink add to the game further down the line. You can currently pick up Get Packed on the Stadia store for £19.99.

Currently, I have around 11 hours in Get Packed and although I have completed all the stages, I will continue playing just to aim for the three stars on each level as well as seeing how much destruction I can cause.

Do note that the awesome people over at Coatsink did provide us with a review code, in exchange for an honest review.

How are you finding Get Packed? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media. You can also check out the trailer for Get Packed down below:


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