EMBR Review – A Fireball Of Fun

EMBR Review – A Fireball Of Fun

EMBR is set in a world were traditional emergency services are no longer a thing. So set in a hyper-capitalist reality EMBR has you become a firefighter, in which you will be scaling buildings, smashing windows, fighting fires and saving lives either alone or with up to four players.

Now just to make a quick note EMBR is releasing in Early Access meaning there will be bugs as well as some features not working as intended, so we won’t really go over the bugs as it is to be expected with an early access game.

So to begin with the game throws you into a tutorial, which was simple to follow and teaches you how to play the game and teaches you all about your abilities. The tutorial, although simple does a great job at teaching you what you need to know in order to play the game.


When it comes to the missions, each mission is pretty straight forward, you have a certain amount of time to save the clients before the house fully burns down. Now where it gets interesting is in each mission you have a required amount of people you need to save and then there will be extra clients to save, in which saving them will grant you extra cash as well as responder ratings. While playing the missions there will be extra objectives as well like bundles of cash around the building, which if you manage to save and take to the safe zone is now yours.

EMBR Review - A Fireball Of Fun Daily Google Stadia News

EMBR Bundle Of Cash.

While playing the missions, if you don’t take the time to try to control the fire you will notice very quickly that things can go bad. As the building will start to fall apart around you, with beams of wood falling from the ceiling blocking the entrance/exit, or that bridge you just crossed to get someone down from the treehouse is now gone because it got caught on fire and broke off. So it makes you have to adapt to your new surroundings and use whatever tools you have at your disposal.

When you complete some missions, you will get a special version off that same mission, which can range from keeping the house from burning below 50% all the way to saving someone’s special objective. Now while playing the special object mission, just grab anything of high value to earn extra money, but there will be one special object around the house, which can be seen by gold dollar signs floating around it, that item will be the client’s special item. For us, one of the client’s special item was toilet roll which was worth something like $240, which was just hilarious.

Some missions will end up being a trap set by Hosr the Canadian competition to Embr. These missions will have you trying to escape the building before the time runs out. In order to escape, it will have you using all your equipment to try to come up with a way around each trap, like moving a metal barrel between two electrical cords to try to make a connection.

Hosr’s CEO will have you laughing from the jokes that he says about socialism. They are very unexpected, but when they happen, they are fun. But this is the main storyline of the game. You are competing with Hosr.

Altogether there are roughly around 18 missions, which can be completed pretty quickly, especially if you are playing with friends. Now while most missions you can stick to the basic loadout, although it will be hard at times, it is doable. Now where the replayability comes in, is saving up for the character gear, which will make playing these level a lot easier, as well as giving you another way to take on the mission. As well as that when you play the levels multiple times, you will start to find out pretty quickly that there are different ways to get around all the hazards, like turning off the buildings main power. But in doing so you also eliminate the ability to open some doors, so be careful when you do this, as you might end up having to run all the way back out to turn the main power back on again.


If you play with friends online, you can each have different builds which can benefit each other. So you can have someone in your team who is the healer, going around with a healing needle, which heals you and your teammates. Then you could have someone in your team going around finding all the cash, while the other two teammates save everyone. You can really tackle each mission in a different way every time depending on the sort of gear you take with you. If you die while playing online, you can be revived. Although just make sure the person who is reviving you is aware of all the dangers around you.

Now while the multiplayer is fun online, the lack of local co-op is very disappointing as this game would have been amazing to get the family together to fight fire and save people. Hopefully, Muse Games look at adding this further down the line.

Character Customization

Character Customization in EMBR allows you to change the way your character looks with a bunch of options and with it being early access there is more than enough to choose from. Now where it gets interesting is when customizing your character, each item will add value to your character. So some will reduce the amount of fire damage you take or some will increase your character speed, which can be very handy if you are playing solo.

So, for example, take the Football Helmet, this adds +21% carrying speed. Which is a big boost when you are playing solo and have to save like 6 people, while the whole place is going up in fire.

EMBR Review - A Fireball Of Fun Daily Google Stadia News

Embr gear adds different stats to your character.

Is it RGB though? Well in this game it sure is. As you can get a corsair RGB Axe from the shop. Which was, of course, the first thing we saved up for and bought. Corsair please make this a real thing.

Gameplay Mechanics

Most of the review was done using a Chromecast ultra, now while the game is in Alpha, we didn’t see any lag, except for on one mission. We also played it for a bit on the web browser and again it ran smooth.

In terms of movement though, it can feel a bit weird at first until you get used to it. As well as grabbing objects like money can be a right pain. Also when grabbing clients and you have there legs spinning around blocking your view can be very annoying.


Embr is a fun game, especially if you are playing it with friends, now while it does have a few issues, which we mentioned above. You’ve got to remember this is an early access title, so it was to be expected. However, we look forward to what Muse Games plans to add to Embr down the road.

Further down the road, i would love to see Embr have different game modes, for example, you could have a competitive one, where it is you against a friend and you have to see who can save the most clients. Maybe you could even have a mode where it is a massive tower and you have say 5-10 minutes to save as many people as possible. Probably not the best ideas, but either way i would love to see more game modes to continue the replayability.

This review will be relooked at once Embr leaves early access.


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