Zenimax Addresses The Bad Quality Of ESO On Stadia

Elder Scrolls Online Stadia
Zenimax address the bad quality of ESO on Google Stadia.

The Elder Scrolls Online is Locked at 30 FPS for the ‘Best Balance Between Performance And Visuals’

The Elder Scrolls Online released on Google Stadia June 16, and upon releasing it has been met with criticism by the Stadia community, due to the fact that it is locked at 30 FPS and the quality of the game is overall not the best. Considering the performance of Stadia, we expected a bit better from Zenimax.

Well, it seems that the reason behind the 30 FPS lock as well as not so good quality is for the ‘Best Balance Between Performance And Visuals’. Now, this is what they said to Forbes, when asked about the poor quality and 30 FPS lock, a Zenimax representative told Forbes:

“We worked closely with the Stadia team to find the best balance between performance and visuals. The end result are graphics settings roughly equivalent to base consoles but at a higher fidelity. ESO on Stadia renders at 1080p and 30 fps. Stadia Pro subscribers can play up to 4K (upscaled from 1440p) and 30 fps. We recently identified a bug where we render at 1080p when the player has their resolution set to 1440p. This will be fixed in a future incremental.”

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Source: Forbes

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