Ubisoft + Now available within the Stadia App

Ubisoft + Stadia
Ubisoft + is now available from within the Stadia app.

You can now subscribe to Ubisoft + within the Stadia App

Ubisoft + was announced for Google Stadia last year, you can check that article out here. However, when Ubisoft + was announced for Stadia the only way to sign up was via the Ubisoft Website.

Well, today Google announced via their community blog, that you can now subscribe to Ubisoft + within the Stadia app itself. Ubisoft + gives you access to 20 games for just $14.99 per month.

As seen in the image below, you can now sign up for Ubisoft + from within the Stadia app via the setting section in the Stadia app. Allowing you to manage both your Stadia Pro Subscription and your Ubisoft + subscription from within the same place. This is very similar to how Amazon Luna does Ubisoft + as a channel, allowing you to subscribe within Amazon Luna.

Ubisoft + Stadia app integration (image – 9to5Google)

Now although Google has added this feature to the Stadia app, it is still only available to people in the US. This is a shame, however, it seems we could be getting closer to a full release outside the US, as previously when visiting http://stadia.com/ubisoftplus you could link your account but nothing would happen, whereas now when you link your account, it says “Account Linked Successfully” and it says view games now. Although when clicking this it just takes you to the Stadia homepage with no Ubisoft+ games.

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