Ubisoft+ might be rolling out to other countries on Stadia

Ubisoft+ Stadia
Ubisoft+ comes to Stadia.

Ubisoft+ might be rolling out to other countries on Stadia

Update – According to over on Twitter, who has confirmed that he has had confirmation that Ubisoft+ is still US only for Stadia. You can check out the Tweet below. Hopefully, we will see its release to other countries soon though.

Original Article – Last year Google and Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft + would be coming to Google Stadia, however, it would only be available in the US as a Beta. You can check that article out here. Now, this is currently just speculation due to our account not being able to gain access yet, so we can not confirm if it is fully working.

However, it now seems to be rolling out to other countries, with people reporting that it is working for them outside of the US. When going to the Ubisoft plus Stadia page before, I wasn’t able to link my account, due to living in the UK. Whereas now when I go to https://stadia.google.com/ubisoftplus?accounts_redirect I can now link my account, however, it currently isn’t working for me.

has reported that people in Spain have been able to link their account and now have access to their Ubisoft+ games on Google Stadia. We will be sure to update this story as we know more.

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