The Division 2 Title Update 9 Coming Next Week

The Division 2 Title Update #9 is coming Tuesday, now while the official patch notes have not been released yet, however, thanks to the weekly state of the game which Massive do to keep players informed about upcoming changes coming to The Division 2 we know that title update 9 will bring changes to Exotic weapons in The Division 2.

These Changes will allow players to reconfigure exotics weapons which may have got a bad roll, you can see more details into this below:

They also went over how some balance changes will be coming as well as some bug fixes. But it appears the community is not happy with these changes.

As this month for The Division 2 players has not been the best of months as many players were banned and some were even banned wrongfully, while some didn’t get banned at all, now why where players banned? Well,

there was a bug/glitch in the game which if you went on the turret and the hopped off and did this a few times your weapon damage would increase. Now, this was a bug which the developers put in the game by accident and rather than owning there mistake they decided to punish the player base instead.

Now on top of that, it is clear Massive is not listening to the player base but is rather listening to statistics instead which is leading to the community shouting a Massive asking them for change. Down below is a video of a well know The Division player who goes over everything that is wrong with the game and goes over how Massive is not listening to there fans and because of it, will lead the game to the grave.

Hopefully Massive will release they are making a mistake and will start listening to there community and implement changes. Either way, are you excited for The Division 2 Title Update #9? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media.

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