Stadia HomePage UI Update

Google Stadia UI Update
Google has updated the Google Stadia UI.

Google has updated the UI for the Stadia homepage

When Google Stadia first launched there weren’t that many games on the platform, so the UI for Stadia for the past year has worked fine. Well now that Stadia has over 100 games with more coming.

The community has been requesting that Google change the Stada UI to something. Well, today it seems that Google has been listening and has since redesigned the UI for Stadia on the Web Browser. You can check out a screenshot of the new UI below:

Google Stadia UI Update

Google has updated the Google Stadia UI.

The new Stadia UI makes finding your games a lot easier. Not only that but they have also added a ‘Claim All” button for Stadia Pro games, meaning you don’t have to click on each one individually, all you have to do is click the Claim All button and it will claim every pro game. This is another feature that was requested by the Stadia community, so it is amazing to see that Google is listening.

Now some people are saying that they can’t see the new UI just yet, so we can expect this is a rollout and you should see it shortly.

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