Stadia Could Be Getting Chat Functionality

Stadia could be getting chat Functionality.

Stadia has been missing such a crucial feature, this being chat functionality. Which is something the Stadia community have been asking for, for some time now and it seems that chat functionality could be coming soon.

Currently, there is only only two ways to talks to your friends on Stadia and both of these consist of voice chat. The first being through a games built-in voice chat or you can either use Stadia’s own cross-game party voice chat.

However, according to 9to5Google, it seems that messaging chat functionality could be coming, as Stadia version 2.16released this week and there APk insight team dug through to see what they could find and well it seems they have come across something interesting pointing to chat functionality.

9To5Google found a bunch of reference to chat functionality, these being the ability to chat, have conversations and send direct messages.

  • Message History panel title
  • Text chat
  • batchGetChatMessages
  • ChatMessages
  • ChatMessagesModel
  • ConversationViewModel
  • createChatMessage
  • DirectChatMessageList
  • DirectMessageLastReadTimestamps
  • enableTextChatFlag

This is a feature that has been missing for a while now and is badly needed on Stadia. Hopefully we will see this feature come soon.

Would you like to see a chat functionality come to Stadia? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: 9To5Google

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