Stadia Controller Gets Discounted

Stadia Controller Discount
For the first time, the Google Stadia controller has been discounted.

For the first time, the Google Stadia controller has been discounted

A few weeks ago, we covered that Google had reduced the price of Stadia Premiere Edition. Now it seems Google is reducing the cost of the Stadia controller, reducing the controller by 10% worldwide.

The Google Stadia controller usually cost £59, however, until Thursday, July 2 at 11:59 p.m. PT the controller will be discounted worldwide by 10%. So the controller now costs £53.10, so if you already own a Chromecast Ultra, now is the perfect time to pick up a Stadia controller. Or maybe if you are just looking to get another Stadia controller, now is a perfect time. You can see the full list of prices below:

  • Canada: $80.10 from $89
  • US: $62.10, from $69
  • EU: €62.10 from €69.00
Stadia Controller Gets Discounted Daily Google Stadia News

Google Stadia controller, gets its first-ever discount.

The Google Stadia controller is the best way to experience Google Stadia, as the controller connects via WiFi to the Stadia servers, meaning you will get the lowest latency.

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