Stadia Base, YouTube Streaming, Free Pro Trial and more

Earlier today we posted about Google Stadia Base releasing in a few months time. Well now it seems like this is becoming a reality.

As Google Stadia received an update today and while on the surface not much has changed, but if you take a look behind the scenes, it seems that Google is preparing for something big.

All this information comes from 9to5google, who decompiled the last version of Google Stadia to see what was going on behind the scenes.

Stadia Base

According to what they found, Google is preparing to release Google Stadia base, as currently as it stands users will need a premiere edition or buddy pass in order to sign up. But it seems this will be changing, to where users will be able to skip the code sign up and sign up without a code for free.

Text on the button that allows the user to skip code redemption and continue on with the account creation flow.

Continue without a code

Stadia Pro Free Trial 

They also found out that Google will potentially offer a free month of Google Stadia pro for users who sign up for free, letting them experience what Google Stadia pro has to offer.

Title text on the Pro details page introducing the free trial.

Play for free

Button text for the Pro details page that allows you to start the free Pro trial.

Start playing

With a

1 month

Stadia Pro free trial

Free user limit 

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If you do enjoy Stadia you will definitely want to pick up the Stadia Pro as Google knows that when Stadia goes free they will see a huge spike in traffic and to combat this it seems they will be putting a limit on the amount of free users that can access Stadia.

Title of page explaining that user cannot sign in because Stadia has hit full capacity.

Sorry, Stadia is full in your area

Body of page explaining that user cannot sign in because Stadia has hit full capacity.

In order to provide the best game quality for everyone, we limit the number of accounts on Stadia. We’ve hit that limit, but we’re working hard to build additional room in the Stadia cloud so more people can enjoy the same high-quality game performance. Please check back in the future for new player availability.

YouTube Streaming 

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YouTube Streaming was something that Google where really pushing before the Stadia launched, however, users are still waiting for YouTube Streaming to become available. But it seems that could be soon.

Label for the button that starts livestreaming the game session

Start live stream

Title for the menu that contains options for live-streaming

Live stream options

Notification message shown when live streaming of a game stops

Livestream ended

Notification message shown when live streaming of a game starts

You’re live streaming

Now remember just because all this has been found in the new update code, doesn’t mean that Google will add it or it will come in the next up of Stadia. So don’t hold your breath waiting for these features to come, as we could still be a while away.

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Source: 9to5google

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