Stadia App Surpasses 1 million installs

The Stadia app has now surpassed 1 million installs.

Thanks to Google now making Stadia available to everyone, with a current promotion of 2 months free pro. The Stadia app has now surpassed 1 million installs and with more marketing from Google could see an even bigger increase.

Sensor Tower reported on this saying that the milestone had been hit earlier this month, primarily thanks to the 2 months pro-free offer. Which was announced in the week of April 6th and saw 225,000 installs globally across both iOS and Android.

Sensor Tower also noted that this was 50% higher than the 150,000 installs which the Stadia app saw when it first launched.

However, the low numbers could still be down to the fact that Google is struggling to market the Stadia in a way that makes sense. As I’m noticing that a lot of blogs are still saying that the only way to access Stadia is by subscribing and that Stadia Base is launching later this year. Now, this isn’t the blog’s fault, this is where Google needs to make things clearer.

Stadia Base, which is now just called Stadia, has now launched and is available to everyone with Google offering 2 months pro for free as a deal. This is what Google Stadia team have said in an email to Daily Google Stadia News.

What was announced on Wednesday, April 8 was the roll-out of the free version of Stadia (just called Stadia not “Base”), with a promotional two months of Pro for free.

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