Stadia+ 2.3 update

Stadia+ extension updated to 2.3.

Stadia + is a Google Chrome extension that adds plenty of features that are missing from Google Stadia. The extension is continually being updated to add new features as well as fix any issues. Stadia + extension has been updated to 2.3 and the changelog can be found below:


**You can now save desktop shortcuts for your favorite games.**This is still a bit experimental, and it’s quite an ugly solution, but you can now properly save desktop shortcuts for games.

**You can now paste data from your clipboard into Stadia.**This feature is going to be pretty useful in games like Crayta in the future. It’s just what it sounds like, be aware that pasting while not in a text box can have odd effects though. Credit to Github user Yogarine for the idea and implementation of this feature.

Fixed several storage issues.

  • The network monitor would sometimes not save data correctly.

  • The library filter would default to Latest Ascending rather than Latest Descending.

Other QoL changes and bug fixes

  • You can now change resolution and codec settings outside of games.

  • Some network monitor statistics are now displayed in bits rather than bytes.

  • The network monitor is now slightly larger to account for AM/PM time formats.

  • Fixed an issue where codec forcing was not working for some users.

You can download the Stadia+ extension here. Do you use Stadia+? let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media.

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