Square Enix gives an update on the Outriders Stadia Patch

Outriders Stadia Patch
Outriders is finally going to get a Stadia patch.

Outriders getting updated on Stadia in the week of April 26

Outriders launched on Google Stadia in line with other platforms on April 1st, however, since the release, the Stadia community is still waiting for an Update for Outriders to address many of the bugs and issues that are happening in the game.

However, it seems that Square Enix went silent when it comes to what was happening with the Stadia update, which led to the Stadia community taking to Reddit asking what is happening with the Stadia version of Outriders, as to the Stadia community, it felt like they released the game and then abandoned us.

Well, today Square Enix has finally come out with some information as to why the Stadia version of Outriders hasn’t been updated and when we can expect the update. They announced on Reddit that due to the launch issues and bugs this had led to that taking most of their time, so they couldn’t get the Stadia version update in line with other platforms.

Unfortunately, the launch weekend issues we faced, as well as the recent inventory wipe bug, have consumed much of our focus that would otherwise have been spent bringing Stadia in line with the other platforms.

They also said that the Stadia community can expect an Update for Outriders to launch in the week of April 26, which will address pre-order issues. Another patch will follow shortly after, in which they hope to get the Stadia version of Outriders in line with other platforms.

As these other priority issues will very soon have been addressed, we will once again proceed with bringing the Stadia version up to date. We hope to release a patch for Stadia in the week of April 26 that will address pre-order issues. A second patch may follow soon after and we do hope to be in a position where Stadia will be fully in line with other platforms in the coming weeks, though we are working to a “the sooner, the better” timeline.

You can check out the full Reddit post here.

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