Serious Sam 4 Gets State Share

Serious Sam 4 State Share
Serious Sam 4 gets State Share on Google Stadia.

Serious Sam 4 Now Supports State Share

Serious Sam 4 launched on Google Stadia as an exclusive, you can check that article out here. However, announced today Devolver Digital and Google have brought an update to Serious Sam 4 to support State Share.

Serious Sam 4 is another game to start supporting State Share. For those unaware State Share allows players to share a screenshot or a clip of the game and this allows other players to jump into that instance of the game with the same inventory and difficulty. State Share is currently supported on a select few Stadia games, these being, The Hitman series, PixelJunk Raiders, and, Sega’s Judgment remaster.

Serious Sam 4 will allow players to share a state of the game after they finish a round in survival mode.

Today in Serious Sam 4, a new update adds State Share support. This allows players to create game states when you finish a round of the Survival game mode on any of the three available maps. Sharing a screenshot/game state when you finish a round allows you to invite your friends to play the same mode, on the same map, and challenge them to match or beat your time.

Serious Sam 4 joins the growing number of games to bring State Share to players like the HITMAN series, Judgment, and PixelJunk Raiders. Try out State Share in Serious Sam 4 today!

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