Rust no longer coming to Google Stadia

Rust Stadia
Rust will not be coming to Google Stadia.

Facepunch Studios will no longer be working on the Rust Stadia port

Update 2: Alistair has provided another update into the Google Stadia limits, with Alistair stating that the console port has been met with a host of issues due to the memory limitations of the consoles, and with Rust being built with Unity, which doesn’t feature multiple memory saving features such as mesh streaming.

Rust Stadia port not happening due to Stadia limitations.

Update 1: Alistair McFarlane has since given an update as to why the Google Stadia port of Rust has moved to rejected, with Alistair stating that Google Stadia’s limits are the reason as to why they can’t port Rust over to Stadia, Which seems odd, considering the game is set to run on PS4 and Xbox One, and Google Stadia is definitely more powerful than both of these. You can check out Stadia’s full specs here.

r/Stadia - 'Rust on Google Stadia' proposal has been rejected, for now.

Original Article – Back in September 2020, it was confirmed that Facepunch Studios was exploring the possibility of bringing Rust to Google Stadia. As noted by

However, it seems that they will not be continuing with a Stadia port due to haters and deciding to not want to be involved in that. You can view the full post here.

Alistair McFarlane said this:

Rejected – We’ve ceased our plans to continue with the Google Stadia port. May revisit in future.

This is such a shame to see, especially how Rust would have been a great addition to Google Stadia. Hopefully, they revisit this port further down the line. We have also reached out to the developers to try to get more information.

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