Rumour – Dark souls might be coming to Google Stadia

Rumour – Could the Dark Souls series be coming to Stadia in the future?

According to an unofficial source, the infamously difficult action RPG, Dark Souls could be on its way to Google Stadia.

This could be a big move forward for cloud gaming in general. The Souls series has a large following and is the go-to comparison for difficult games. Even GeForce Now, a cloud gaming platform that hosts a number of popular steam games, does not support the Souls Franchise.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Dark Souls is one of the most popular RPGs out there. The series is renowned for its expansive world and brutal difficulty. With a story that is as deep as it is mysterious, much is left to the player to piece together throughout their game experience.

There are currently three games in the main series. Each game is award winning and has excellent reviews on steam as well a host of game critics.

Genre defining

Dark souls has set the standard for hardcore games for almost a decade. Hollow Knight and it’s upcoming sequel Silksong for example are challenging ‘boss-rush’ games that have seen incredible popularity and no shortage of comparisons to Dark Souls. You can check out that article on Hollow Knight and other indie games that need to come to Stadia here.

Sekiro: Shadows die twice is yet another action RPG, similar to Dark souls, which is already available on Google Stadia. Both Sekiro and Dark Souls were originally designed for console which means they boast full controller support, perfect for those using Stadia on mobile.

Sekiro is also an excellent example of how Stadia can handle games that require frame-perfect timing for attacks and movement during challenging boss fights. No-one wants to be caught out by latency or input-delay in a tough situation.

What do you think? Do you want to see the Dark Souls series added to Stadia? Leave a comment and share this article to show Stadia that this iconic game series would make a great addition to their growing game library.

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