Resident Evil Chapter Coming To Dead By Daylight June 15th

Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight
Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight coming June 15th.

Resident Evil Chapter Coming To Dead By Daylight June 15th

Behaviour Interactive the developers behind Dead By Daylight announced today that the Resident Evil Chapter would be coming to Dead By Daylight on June 15th. The Resident Evil chapter will add two familiar survivors and a killer, these being Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine who will be joining the survivor roster and Nemesis who will arrive as a new killer.

Not only will we be getting two brand new survivors and a new killer, but we will also be getting a brand new map, this being Raccoon City Police Station from the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

In terms of combat perks, Leon will get a Flashbang perk which will be craftable after making a certain amount of progress. The Flashbang will allow you to temporarily blind the killer to make for a quick getaway.

Nemesis on the other hand will have a powerful tentacle attack which will allow him to infect survivors, those infected will take more damage from his tentacle attack. Survivors can counter this attack by finding vaccines placed around the map.

Also for the first time in Dead By Daylight, Nemesis will be the first AI-assisted killer, which means that Nemesis killers will be accompanied by AI-powered zombies, which can hurt and infect survivors.

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