RayTracing Confirmed For Second Gen Stadia

Cyberpunk 2077 RayTracing
RayTracing coming to Google Stadia.

It Seems RayTracing Is Coming With Gen 2

The other day Google uploaded a Tweet about Cyberpunk 2077, Now in this Tweet, they got asked a question about if they would upgrade there platform to support ray tracing?. Well, it seems that Google may have just accidentally leaked that Ray Tracing is coming with Gen 2. As currently, stadia does not support RayTracing, so their response to this question was a little weird.

You can check out the response down below, but basically they responded by saying that RayTracing is something the publisher must implement. Now, this is a bit weird to say considering that RayTracing is not currently supported on current Stadia hardware.

Now a few months back we spoke about Stadia Gen 2 hardware already being in developers hands, this information had come from StadiaCast, who stated that a publisher they had spoken to said they are working with gen 2 hardware.

Well, Stadiacast covered the above tweet in their latest Livestream, in which they discussed Gen 2 hardware, but they also mentioned that they where told ages ago that RayTracing was coming to Google Stadia, but the developer who they had spoken to, told them to keep it quiet. So when Google accidentally replied to the above tweet, leaking the information about ray tracing.

They got in touch with this developer again and asked if they could share the information on RayTracing, in which the developer said, well since Google has leaked it, go ahead. You can check out the StadiaCast video below:

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