Outcasters Interview and exclusive screenshots

Outcasters interview
Outcasters interview.

Outcasters Interview

We managed to send over a few questions to the team over at Outcasters, to learn some more information about the game, and while they managed to answer some of the questions, a few of them just left us wanting to know more about Outcasters. You can check out the full interview below:

Q: With no current release date, when can we expect to see more information about Outcasters?

A: You’ll see lots more of Outcasters in the next couple of months! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter for little details, too.

Q: How has it been working with Google to bring Outcasters to Stadia?

A: It’s been a lot of fun! The Stadia team is full of amazingly talented people, so it’s been so easy to work with them on this project. Everyone is so excited about the game and it’s been so humbling to see other people across Google have a great time with the game!

Q: What do you think players will love the most about Outcasters?

A: Can I cheat and say two things? I think people are really going to love how it plays; combining their skill, with map awareness, and abilities, and powerups – there’s a lot of depth here! Secondly, I think people are really going to love the world. People already love the look of our characters and maps we can’t wait to show off more of both.

Q: What sort of game modes can we expect in Outcasters? Looking at the trailer, we can see that the map is getting smaller like a battle royale mode, is that something we can expect?

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A: It might be! We’ll be doing a deep dive into our modes in the future, so stay tuned!

Q: How much customization can we expect?

A: Tonnes. We want to make sure that everyone who plays Outcasters can look completely unique. We’ve only been showing off “sets” so far, but all the characters you’ve seen can be mixed and matched to make something weird and unique.

Q: Is there much of a learning curve to the game? Or is it something you can just pick up and play?

A: Can I say both? We think lots of people will be able to pick up and play and have a great time, but there’s definitely a learning curve here. We’ve seen already in the office that it’s possible to get very good at Outcasters!

Also, learning curve… I see what you did there.

Q: Is there an option to expand upon our character with different abilities as we level up? Or will it be that we can pick power-ups around the map?

A: A little bit of both! You’ve seen some abilities already on our social channels, and some pickups in action! You’ll unlock Abilities in your first few levels as you get a feel for the game, then you’re free to choose whichever your favourite is!

Q: How many maps can we expect when Outcasters launches?

A: We aren’t confirming numbers just yet. Keep an eye on our social channels for glimpses of maps, though

As well as the interview, the Outcasters team sent us over some never seen before screenshots, which you can check out below: Looking at the screenshots it looks like a tease to that Battle Royale mode we mentioned above, only time will tell.

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If you are interested in Outcasters be sure to follow them on there social media channels, which you can find here. Outcasters TwitterOutcasters Instagram, and Outcasters Discord.

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