Orcs Must Die 3 receiving an update August 10th

Orcs must die 3
Orcs must die 3 is getting a brand new update.

Orcs Must Die 3 new update includes bugfixes, balance changes, and new content

Orcs Must Die 3 is getting a brand new update on August 10th, that will working fixing bugs, balance changes, as well as, adding brand new content to the game.

Last month we spoke about how players where experiencing lag when playing endless mode, however, it seems the developers have worked on improving performance as stated in the patch notes.

”Game performance has been improved for endless matches.”

so hopefully we will see less lag when playing endless mode. You can check out the full patch notes below:

New Content:

Weekly Challenges:

  • There will be 8 new Weekly Challenges in this update, with more to come!
  • Challenges are played on existing maps with specific hero and loadout requirements. Each challenge is unique, created by changing core gameplay variables such as:
    • Number of waves
    • Enemies encountered
    • Health
    • Mana
    • Available coin
    • Health regeneration
    • and more!
  • One challenge will be ‘active’ at a time, and challenges that are not ‘active’ will be marked ‘frozen’.
  • Challenges will be active for one week, from Monday through Sunday. The game will display the date for the next transition, or a countdown if the next transition is in less than 24 hours.
  • When a challenge is active, players may set high scores on the leaderboard. Frozen challenges will also be available to play for practice or 5 skulling, but their leaderboards will not be updated.
  • Frozen leaderboards will display all scores set during the last active period. This means if you rank #1 during the active week, you will be #1 during all the frozen weeks too!
  • When a challenge becomes active again, its leaderboard will be wiped and everyone will compete be able to compete for high scores again.
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Bug Fixes:

Since release our community has brought bugs they have found to our attention. We have worked diligently to tackle many of these bugs and will continue to work on any that remain unresolved. We have marked bugs which were mentioned to us numerous times by the community with a ‘*’.


  • * Game performance has been improved for endless matches.


  • * Players will once again be able to walk through frozen or stoned large enemies that were recently killed.
  • * Barricades with the double-length upgrade will no longer be invulnerable on one side.
  • * Players can now sell traps in the 3 second window after they have pressed ‘go’.
  • * Trap grid has been fixed in various locations across many levels.
  • * Fixed the ‘Find Me’ button sometimes not finding your leaderboards entry.
  • The Rapid-Fire Ballista can now trigger traps that can be activated, such as the Bowling Boulder.
  • Red Rifts will now ping the minimap when they are active.
  • The post-game stats page has been updated for clarity.
  • * How Gnolls interact with barricades and the world has been improved.
  • Par time will now display in the post-game stats screen based on the player’s language settings.
  • Gnolls will now target doors when the player is on the other side of the door.
  • Fixed an issue where only the host in a cooperative match would see boss notifications.
  • Removed the ‘Continue’ button from the post-game screen in Endless.


  • * Orcs now have a “Scared” animation for when they are affected by the Jar of Ghosts or Giant Killer Beehive.
  • * Empty Rift visual effects are now visible.
  • Double barricades now appear correctly on the minimap.
  • Fixed an issue where barricades would not display on the minimap.
  • Improvement to the trap placement visualizer.
  • The button for changing difficulty is now displayed while using a controller and hosting a multiplayer game.
  • Added overscan correction to allow for a better fit to displays.
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  • * Corrected a spelling issue on the Giant Flip Trap.
  • * Increased the font size for subtitles on 4k resolution screens.


  • * Warnings for barricades taking damage will no longer play when a barricade takes collateral damage.
  • Lava Pots and Gravity Pillars audio will no longer loop when entering a break between waves.


  • * Remapped Controller buttons will now save between gameplay sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where a controller could lose focus while rebinding controller mappings.
  • * Gamma no longer resets when resetting other game options.
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose their mouse focus on the gamma calibration screen.

Balance Changes:

  • Secret Fortress (Scenario 11) has been made slightly easier on Rift Lord.
  • Fire Fiend Runners that appeared during cooperative on Secret Fortress (Scenario 11) have been changed to kobolds.
  • Master’s Courtyard (Scenario 13) has been made slightly easier across all difficulties.
  • Colosseum (Scenario 17) has been made slightly easier across all difficulties.
  • Mountain Trolls spawned from the red rift on Wave 4 of Order Temple (Scenario 18) will now attack the back gate.
  • Endless mode scaling for enemy health, damage, and speed has been increased slightly per wave.
  • Jar of Ghost upgrade that applies fear in a radius has had its radius reduced by 60%.
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