One Hand Clapping ‘Silent City’ Update now Available

One Hand Clapping Silent City
One Hand Clapping has relesead a new updated called Silent City.

One Hand clapping ‘Silent City’ Update now available for Google Stadia

One Hand Clapping is a Google Stadia exclusive, while still in early access Bad Dream Games are working hard to bring updates to One Hand Clapping, in August we saw the first update for One Hand Clapping.

Now we are getting another update called Silent City. The new update adds new puzzles that you have to solve by utilizing light and shadow, make your way through the city using your voice. You can check out a trailer for One Hand Clapping Silent City update below:

The new update introduces you to the threat that’s lingering in the world of One Hand Clapping. Utilize light and darkness to your advantage as you solve new puzzles throughout the new area. Do not disturb the mute inhabitants with your singing, but don’t let them stop you from finding your voice either. Strike a perfect balance of sound and silence to sneak past them and find your way out of the darkness and into the light. Experience new puzzle physics:

· Solve puzzles by utilizing light and shadow

· Use your voice to move objects to make your way through the city

· Find the right balance between sound and silence to find the light

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