One Hand Clapping had its first update

One Hand Clapping
One Hand Clapping first ever update brings a desert world

Desert Update Has Came To One Hand Clapping!

One Hand Clapping is an early access game for stadia and its a stadia first game. One Hand Clapping is a 2D puzzle/platformer where players use their microphone to solve various puzzles around the world and they also use it to discover new worlds too.

With the recent update that One Hand Clapping has received, it has introduced a duet desert world. You must sing your way through all sorts of dangerous areas and adventure the vase environments that this new update has to offer.

Our unsung hero returns in the “Duet Desert” update! This is our first big content update for our Early Access game One Hand Clapping, now live on Google Stadia!

Sing and shout your way through the first of many biomes yet to come. Explore dark caves, ring bells, uncover ancient ruins in the sand, climb mysterious towers and freely fly with the wind.


Are you excited to play the new update in One Hand Clapping? What’s your favourite game on Stadia? Let us know in the comments below.

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