Next Week Will see 3 Unreleased Game Demos On Stadia

Google Stadia Game Demos
Google Stadia getting 3 game demos next week.

Google Stadia will be getting 3 demos of unreleased Games

After the announcement of the Google Stadia Three Days of announcements coming October 20th. Nate Ahearn the 3P Games & Developer Marketing Lead at Google Stadia, took to Twitter to announce that there will be 3 playable demos, however, these demos will be from 3 unreleased games.

Now im going to assume that one of the games is going to be Immortals Fenyx Rising as we know that Google Stadia is getting a demo of this game. Now another game that i am going to speculate is Outcasters, with Outcasters being the first Stadia only game it would make sense to give players a demo of Outcasters to build up hype. However, according to the Outcasters Twitter account, they have stated that they are not one of these games, but they like to play tricks. So only time will tell.

Update – Nate Ahearn has also confirmed that “Totally Free” means free, so you will not require a Stadia Pro Subscription in order to play these game demos.

What demos do you think we are going to get? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media.

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