Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Interview

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles
Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Interview Stadia.

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Interview

We reached out to Fishing Cactus, the developers behind Nanotale – Typing Chronicles, to get some information on what it was like bringing the game to Google Stadia, as well as a few other questions. We spoke with Sophie Schiaratura the PR Manager at Fishing Cactus, who managed to get the team to answer our questions.

  1. How has it been bringing the game to Google Stadia?

Good and smooth. Our only worry was the fact that you need to have controller support to be on Stadia. So, we needed to create one for Nanotale, which goes against the core mechanic that is typing. We did our best to have something nice using a controller but we recommend highly using the keyboard to not altered the experience of the game.

  1. Has been a part of the Stadia Makers Program helped?

It really makes development easier since you get support from both Stadia and Unity. So, the technical assistance we had combined with some funding from Stadia, made it a really enjoyable challenge.

  1. What made you come up with the idea behind Nanotale?

In 2016 we released a first typing game called Epistory. After that, we didn’t plan to release another typing game. But, we receive a lot of messages from our players asking us to create a new one. We gave it a thought and asked our community how they would like that new typing game. The answers we read in the survey really inspired us to make a new typing game sharing the same core mechanic as Epistory, while being completely different in regards to the story, universe and gameplay.

In January 2018, we started the first workshops to think about the game and how we could make it special enough to not be compared to the previous game. The real production started 6 months later with the first visuals and story bits. Now after nearly 3 years of development, we finally released Nanotale on Steam, Stadia, and GOG. We can’t wait to get the first feedback from our players.

  1. Have you looked into adding any Stadia specific features?

Epistory and Nanotale were our first games ported on Stadia and we were super busy finishing what was initially planned for the game. Unfortunately, the idea of porting the game came very late during the development which left us no room to add any Stadia specific features. But it’s something we are really looking to for our next games.

  1. Is there anything you would like to add?

Nothing. Porting on Stadia was a nice experience. Very smooth.

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