Marvel’s Avengers War Table Event November 19th

Marvel's Avengers Kate Bishop
Marvel's Avengers holding a War Table event tomorrow to show off Kate Bishop.

Marvel’s Avengers hosting a War Table Event November 19th

Marvel’s Avengers story was fantastic, however, where the game lacked was in the endgame, with nothing to do other than the same old content. With Square Enix promising that we would get new playable characters and AIM’s Cloning Labs, which is Marvel’s Avengers version of a raid, however, we are still waiting for AIM’s Cloning Labs to come to the game.

Now in terms of playable characters, we knew that the first playable character to come to Marvel’s Avengers would be Kate Bishop, although she was delayed, due to Square Enix having to work on fixing all the bugs in the game. However, it seems that Kate Bishop could be coming to the game very soon.

With the arrival of Kate Bishop to Marvel’s Avengers, she will bring a brand new story to the game which will tie in with Hawkeye, who will be the next playable character to come to Marvel’s Avengers. You can check out Kate Bishop’s reveal trailer below:

Marvel’s Avengers will be hosting a War Table event November 19th, where they will go over Kate Bishop’s story and move set. The War Table event will take place on November 19 at 8 AM PT, and will not be a live stream but rather a direct video upload.  You can check out the Tweet below:

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