Google Stadia Will Soon Be Playable on iOS Via Safari

Google Stadia iOS
Google Stadia will soon be playable on iOS.

Google Stadia is coming to iOS in the coming weeks via Safari

As part of the Google Stadia 1 year anniversary, Google has announced that Google Stadia will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks via the Safari web browser.

Now due to Apples strict App Store policies, this has meant that for the last year Google Stadia has not been playable on iOS, currently, the only way to play Stadia on iOS is via workarounds like Stadium.

However, this will all soon be changing as Google announced that they will be doing public testing of a dedicated progressive web app in the coming weeks, which will allow iOS users to play Google Stadia on there iPhone or Ipad.

This will be the first phase of our iOS progressive Web application. As we test performance and add more features, your feedback will help us improve the Stadia experience for everyone. You can expect this feature to begin rolling out several weeks from now.

Now while this workaround will not allow iOS users to play Stadia games via the Stadia app, it is a step in the right direction and until Apple changes its App Store policies entirely, I wouldn’t expect iOS users to play Stadia games via the Stadia app for a while.

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iOS users will soon be able to play Stadia via a Progressive Web Application, which will work similar to that of Amazon Luna, now I would expect that during the initial testing there will be features missing, but we can expect that they will come at a later date.

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