Google Stadia user-created help center website

Someone from the Stadia community has set up a Stadia help center.

A user on Reddit has created a website to help people with Google Stadia issues

Google Stadia is a fantastic product, however, it does come with some issues that many people experience and if you are a member of the r/stadia subreddit then you will see a lot of posts asking for technical help.

Now while the Reddit community is helpful in trying to deal with peoples problems it can be hard to explain things or maybe the person with the issue isn’t explaining it as best as possible. Which could leave them having a bad experience with Stadia and never coming back.

Well someone has taken measures into there own hands and have created a website to help anyone experiencing Stadia technical issues. The website is as simple as going through a bunch of problems that you are experiencing and it will try to give you the best solution to fix it.

This website was created by Reddit user Juanpiejd in which he states “Currently the website is only in its infancy and hence functions are limited. I strive to add more problems and solutions, but for that, I also need your help. Send me a message or comment down below if something needs correcting or needs to be added. I will later add the ability for you, the community, to add your own solutions as well.”

You can check out the website here. But this is truly amazing to see someone from the Stadia community creating a website to try to help people out who are experiencing issues.

We managed to have a chat with Juanpiejd in which we asked him a few questions:

What was the reason behind creating the website?

“I have seen so many people ask support questions here on Reddit, and other forums as well. It thought the best way to help new users and old alike would be to centralize the support and make it more accessible for everyone. Stadia Help Center I hope can do just that. If it does take off and pops up in search results etc then people can find answers to their issues a lot quicker than creating posts and hoping someone will answer or spending hours looking for just their solution.”

What do you plan to add to the website further down the line?

“Further down the line, I plan to make the troubleshooting a lot more in-depth. Currently, it only scratches the surface and doesn’t really connect all the different dots that well if that makes sense. I hope to create a better system really where it can narrow it down to just a couple of solutions instead of having 10 different ones to try.”

“That is the main goal at least. I will also add a few other features such as a “Helpful”-button so that the community can engage more, and a more exciting one would be to allow the community itself to add their own solutions which will then be reviewed before added.”

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