Google Stadia State Share will be ready soon

State Share Google Stadia
Google Stadia implements State Share, this will change how players share there best moments.

This Will Change How Gamers Share Their Best Moments

Google Stadia will allow developers and players to share their most amazing game moments via the Cloud. State Share is more than a simple save file, its more transferable in the sense of encoded representations of the given state of a game. From this, it will change how moments in games are shared between users.

Dylan Cuthbert who is the president and managing director of Q-Games who are the makers of PixelJunk and Non-Nom Galaxy. They go onto explain how State Share will allow developers to make waypoints into a weblink. Meaning these strings of code are transferable as a page on the internet. From just simply clicking the link it will allow the player to enter the game at a specific moment. This Link will preserve the world state, the inventory and all the other key features.

Google Stadia State Share will be ready soon Daily Google Stadia News

State Share

You can watch the presentation here about State Share by Dylan Cuthbert.

Now while we still have no idea what Q-Games are working on, we do know that it will be ready soon. As when asked on Twitter by Trzarector, as to what was going on with Q-Games and Stadia, Dylan, responded by saying it will be ready soon. Now as i said we don’t know much about what Q-Games are working on but we do know that the game is built from the ground up specifically for Google Stadia.

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