Google Stadia Mobile Data Support Comes out of experimental mode

Google Stadia Mobile
Google Stadia mobile data.

Google Stadia Mobile Data Support now released outside experimental mode

A while back Google announced that it was going to start allowing players to play Stadia using their mobile data, however, this mode was going to be experimental and would have some issues.

However, it seems that playing Stadia over mobile data is now fully released and is no longer part of the experimental mode. As noticed by users on Reddit the mobile data mode has since been mode on the Stadia app.

Now the mobile data mode is under the performance tab, as seen in the image below:

Google Stadia Mobile Data Support Comes out of experimental mode Daily Google Stadia News

Do note that Google does still remind you that playing over mobile data will be at 720p quality and will use around 2.7GB per hour.

How is your experience when playing on mobile data?Let us know in the comments below.

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