Google Stadia June 2021 Pro Games

Google Stadia June Pro Games
Google has announced the June 2021 pro games for Stadia.

Google has announced the June 2021 Stadia Pro Games

Google has announced June pro games for Google Stadia, it seems that we are getting 4 games for June, however, like many others, we are still wondering when we will get ARK: Survival Evolved on Pro, something which was promised as coming to Stadia Pro early 2021 and with the new Genesis DLC being delayed till June 2nd, it would have been the perfect time to release it as a pro game. You can check out the full pro games coming in June below:

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III – It doesn’t get more hardcore than this standout JRPG from the masters at Nihon Falcom.
  • MotoGP20 – Blazing speed. Custom careers. Motorsports action at its absolute finest. 
  • Blue Fire – Scratch that 3D platforming itch with Blue Fire, a delightful eldritch adventure that will have you leap through deadly traps, battle daunting adversaries, and more. 
  • Chronos: Before the Ashes – Every time you die, you age a year, growing in some ways while diminishing in others. Can you slash your way through this atmospheric RPG before time runs out?

Also, May 31st will be the last day for you to claim Reigns free with Stadia Pro. So if you haven’t done so yet be sure to claim it as soon as possible.

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