Google Stadia Is getting new features – Search Bar, Better Game UI, and more

Google Stadia search bar
Google Stadia finally gets a search bar and other features.

Google Staida finally gets a search bar and more

When it comes to Google Stadia previously the only way to be able to search for games on the store or games you owned was to use an extension such as Stadia enhanced or Stadia+. However, that is officially changing as Google announced today that they have been listening to the community feedback and have finally added a search bar.

The search bar will be available on the web version of Stadia and has begun to roll out today, and will reach all players by the end of this week. You can check out the search bar below. This makes finding your games easier as well as finding new games to buy from the store.


Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 6.44.11 PM.png

As well as that players can enjoy a new UI update which will help separate your purchased, free, and Pro games. You can check this out from the image above.

Google is also working on adding new features further down the line, which they have given us mockups of, now do note that the final design might change, but it just gives a brief look at what to expect.

Activity Feed

When it comes to Stadia we have a feature called State Share which allows you to share an instance of your game via a clip, however, if you don’t have friends and can’t share it anywhere then it means players can’t have a go at your instance of the game. Well, this is where Activity Feed will come into play.

As Activity Feed will allow you to show your best video captures and helps friends find your game states. As well as that it allows you to explore content from other players. You can check out a mock-up below:


Social Activity Feed (Web).png

Delete Capture in Bulk on Web

A much-requested feature for Google Stadia is the ability to delete your game capture in bulk rather than one by one. Well, it seems that Google has been listening as they will soon allow users to delete game captures in bulk via the web version of Stadia.

They also mentioned that soon, players will be able to access Stadia via the web on Android, as currently the only way to play Stadia on Android is via the App. Now there is no release date on when the Activity feed and Bulk capture delete will come, but it is nice to see that Google is working on these features and is listening to community feedback. You can check out a mockup for bulk capture delete below:

Captures Bulk Selection (Step 1).png

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