Google Stadia Hits 3 million app downloads

Google Stadia has passed 3 million app downloads

Last week Stadia developer marketing lead Nate Ahearn told that Stadia was “alive and well”. Now not only is Stadia alive and well but it has also passed 3 million app downloads.

With the Stadia app having reached 3.2 million downloads after 18 months of it launching. With Stadia having its best month in December 2020, hitting nearly half a million installs, which was the same time that Stadia was officially supported in more countries so it makes sense to see a huge increase in app installs. also noted that 73 per cent of installs come from the Google Play Store, while the remaining 27 per cent come from the App Store, which makes sense due to Stadia not being officially playable through the App Store app, due to Apple’s Policy, so Apple users will use the browser to play Stadia.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia app surpasses 3 million installs.

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