Google Stadia Finally gets a search bar

Stadia search bar
Google finally adds a search bar to Google Stadia.

A Search Bar function has finally been added to Google Stadia

Update – The original Reddit post has since been deleted so it seems like this was false, however, we will continue to update once we know more.

Last week Google updated the Google Stadia UI, changing the look as well as adding new features like being able to claim all pro games with a simple click of a button.

Well, it seems they are continuing to improve Stadia, as they have finally added a search bar to Google Stadia according to a Reddit user. A search bar is something that the Stadia community has been asking for since Stadia launched. Especially how the Google Stadia games library has grown massively since launch.

Now it is finally here, however, it seems to be a slow rollout, as some people are reporting they can see it and other can not, we can not see the search bar just yet. Usually, it takes a couple of days for features to fully roll out to everyone. You can see a screenshot of the search bar below:

Google Stadia search bar

Google Stadia finally gets a search bar.

It appears that these UI changes are only happening on the web version of Google Stadia, so hopefully, we will see an overhaul of the CCU and mobile version UI at a later time.

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