Google Cuts the price of the Stadia Premiere Edition

Stadia Pro Premiere Edition gets a price cut.

Stadia Premiere Edition receives a price cut

Google has announced that they have cut the price of the Stadia Premiere Edition. Now the Stadia Premiere Edition allows you to play Stadia on TV. As you receive a Chromecast Ultra, Controller, and 1 month of Stadia pro. Now the Chromecast Ultra is currently the only way you can play Stadia on your TV.

Google has announced no reason behind the price drop for the Premiere Edition, however, we can guess that it has something to do with the next-gen consoles. Now with the price drop also comes the drop in the amount of free Stadia pro months you receive. As when the Premiere Edition was £119 you would get 3 months of Stadia pro for free, now with the new price drop you only get 1 month of Stadia pro for free.

Stadia Premiere Edition drop from £119 down to £89.99.

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