Get Packed Released On Stadia Today

Get Packed is now available on Google Stadia, with Moonshine Games doing a Q&A.

Moonshine Games the developers behind Get Packed, announced today that they have released Get Packed on Google Stadia. This is a nice surprise, as the Stadia community has been waiting for this game for a while now and all we got from Moonshine games was that it was coming soon. So to see a surprise release, well that’s just fantastic. You can check out a trailer below:

Moonshine Games also took to Reddit to announce that they would be doing a Q&A, answering any questions you have about the game. You can check out the Reddit post here. They are giving you a day to ask any questions then tomorrow they will be creating another Reddit post with as many answers as possible. It is nice to see game developers joining in with the Stadia community.

Get Packed is now available on the Google Stadia Store and will cost you £19.99

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