Get Packed June Patch Notes – 60 fps at 4K, and bug fixes

Get Packed Patch Notes
Coatsink have released a brand new update for Get Packed.

Get Packed brand new update

Coatsink is continuing to update Get Packed and with the June update we now officially get 60 fps at 4K, which is excellent to see. As well as that we also see some bug fixes. Get Packed is a fantastic game to play with friends, if you haven’t picked the game up yet, why not check out our review here. You can check out the full patch notes down below:

Known Issues:

  • Occasionally, NPCs during multiplayer will become distorted with their rotation or joints
  • Slight delay when client players dash into NPCs
  • Certain objects may have synchronisation issues when added to a pile of multiple objects
  • Objects occasionally get stuck in doorways or windows in Multiplayer which may cause some weird visual issues
  • Ghost behaviour in 2_3 will sometimes be a bit erratic
  • In rare situations, players are able to join games from the character select, which can cause problems selecting a character in lobbies
  • Objects on conveyor belts can behave erratically for client players


  • 4K now runs at 60 FPS
  • Menu zoom is now much closer to make the text more readable
  • Updated all cutscenes and related animations to use the new zoom level
  • New fadeaway effect when players are near open doorways
  • Fixed Spanish/Italian language accidentally swapped for certain texts
  • Centred some of the online related text boxes properly
  • Fixed sounds on pause menu playing an extra sound in certain circumstances
  • Fixed dialogue audio overlaps when pressing A before it has completed.
  • Fixed a bug where if player 4 joins with Johnson already selected by another player, they are then defaulted to a locked character instead of one of the available unlocked characters
  • Fixed a bug where smashing A during a cutscene will cause the Skip UI to flicker.
  • Increased size of objectives panels with challenge text, pause screen, complete screen and any other text heavy stuff to be as large as possible without destroying the layouts.

Object changes:

  • (All Objects) – Fixed bug where flatpack unpop still happened after flatpack had been destroyed
  • (Fireworks) – Improved spinning firework behaviour and VFX
  • (Explosives) – Slightly reduced explosion radius to help with performance

Specific level fixes:

  • (Gamewide) Improved performance for levels Grave Packing, Banking On It, Black Friday, Highway to Heck
  • (Level 1_3) Fix grounding point, which prevents players from falling under the level
  • (Level 2_1) Made the lever handle easier to grab
  • (Level 2_1) Lighted cables have been added to improve visibility of which shutter door is open
  • (Level 2_2) Fixed bug where nerds were visible in T-pose before the level starts
  • (Level 2_3) The number of potions and plants reduced
  • (Level 4_1) Improved navigation of prisoners, especially in the cafeteria
  • (Level 4_1) Fixed some edge cases of prison guards getting stuck doing the provocation animation.
  • (Level 4_3) Improved navigation for the cat, with added navmesh, triggers to stop the cat knocking things into the wrecking ball before the game has started.
  • (VS_2) Fix for grounding issue in VS – Mining For Salt, preventing player falling under the level

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