Fortnite not coming to Google Stadia anytime soon

Fortnite Google Stadia
Fortnite isnt coming to Google Stadia anytime soon.

Tim Sweeney – Stadia don’t yet have mass market user bases

Fortnite is currently one of the biggest games out there at the moment. Now since Stadia was released, Stadia users have been asking Epic Games to bring Fortnite over to Google Stadia, however, it seemed that Epic Games didn’t want to and gave no reason as to why.

Until now that is as Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to answer a question about bringing Fortnite to Google Stadia, in which Tim stated that “Stadia don’t yet have mass market user bases.”

Now i can see where Tim is coming from, however, it is a catch 22 situation that we are seeing. As without these big AAA games, Stadia will not grow as fast as it can, however, the publishers of the big AAA games don’t want to port there games to Stadia because the user base is too small.

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Now, this is where Google needs to come in and be giving these game publishers incentives to port their games over to Google Stadia. As Fortnite would bring in a lot of new players to Stadia, but Google shouldn’t be relying on Epic Games to port Fortnite over to Stadia to increase the player base, it is down to Google to increase the Stadia player base, not game publishers.

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