Farming Simulator 2019 New Expansion Trailer

Farming Simulator
Farming Simulator Alpine expansion trailer released.

Alpine Expansion Trailer Has Been Released For Farming Simulator 2019

Earlier today, Giants Software released its new upcoming farming simulator expansion trailer called ‘Alpine’. The trailer showcases the unique features and new vehicles that are coming to the game with this new expansion.

Farming Simulator 2019 was released back in November 20th 2018 and its popularity has grown over time by improving how the game works and introducing multiplayer features that allow you to play with your friends and mess around. Your main objective in Farming Simulator 2019 is to grow crops, buy lands, buy new vehicles and have fun while doing this.

The new expansion that is set to be released November 12th 2020 comes with a range of new vehicles, a total of 8 new tractors one being electrical. And a total of 24 new harvesting tools and equipment for the player to have fun with.

Are you excited for the Alpine Expansion? What’s your favourite bit about Farming Simulator? Let us know in the comments below.

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