Epic Games reportedly offered Fortnite on Stadia in return for ‘better’ deal on the play store

Fortnite almost came to Google Stadia, here’s why rejected Epic’s offer.

Epic Games is currently involved in a massive legal battle with Google and Apple over Fortnite. The hit battle Royal game was pulled from both the app store and Google play store.

This was revealed to be because Epic tried to circumvent Googles 30% cut on in app purchases by encouraging users to save 20% by using Epics own payment link.

This has meant that Fortnite had been denied the majority of access to the booming mobile game market. Only Samsung still supports the game via APK download.

How does this relate to Google Stadia?

During the legal process it was revealed that Epic originally attempted to get around Google’s 30% cut by offering to add Fortnite to Stadia.

Whilst this might sound lucrative for Google, the price was losing the entire 30% cut on in app purchases for Fortnite on the Google play store. Google decided this was too much and declined the offer. Fortnite was then made available on Google play, with Google recieving it’s full cut until the recent legal issues.

This was revealed thanks to the coverage of the legal proceedings by IGN reporter Rebekah Valentine.

Unfortunately this means we may not see Forntnite come to Stadia any time in the near future. Whilst Google has said they will look into giving developers a more generous split of the revenue, it is unlikely that Epic games will be looking to make a deal regarding Stadia any time soon.

Would you still want to see Fortnite on Stadia? Let us know what you think about the ongoing legal situation in the comments below.

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