EMBR To Have Cross-play on Launch and Crowd Play Being looked into

EMBR will have cross-play at launch.

EMBR is due to release on Google Stadia and Steam May 21st and it seems that cross-play for multiplayer will be available at launch between Stadia and Steam. As well as crowd play being looked into.

For those unaware crowd-play is a Google Stadia feature which when released will allow viewers to join there favourite streamers games, if the streamer allows it. You can check out more into crowd play here.

During an interview with Cloudywithachanceofgames Muse Games the developers of EMBR went over how they will have cross-play available at launch as well as working on crowd play:

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I have been enjoying playing the game and while playing I was thinking that this game would be perfect for two Stadia only features in Crowd Play and Stream Connect.  Are there any plans in implementing these into the game further down the line?

HT: Crowd Play we’ll be working on. Stream Connect we’ll also evaluate in the future. We’ll probably focus on supporting Crowd Play and trying to make that happen first.

I see on Steam it is listed as having Cross-Platform multiplayer available at launch or will that be coming later?

HT: Cross-platform play between Steam and Stadia will be available at launch!

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