EMBR Interview – Stadia Features almost ready, new district in the works, and more

We did an interview with Muse Games about EMBR, to get some questions answered about future content.

EMBR Interview – Stadia Features almost ready, new district in the works, and more

We reached out to Muse Games, to see how working on EMBR for Google Stadia has been, as well as trying to get some new information into Stadia exclusive features such as state share or crowd play. We spoke with Howard Tsao the Team Lead over at Muse Games.

If you haven’t played EMBR, you can check out our review here.

  1. How has it been updating the game for Google Stadia?

In the beginning, because the certification process was so new, there was more of a learning curve for us. The Stadia team has been really supportive and hands on in working with us and soliciting feedback to improve the process and system. Now, it’s more of a routine for us. The only issue we have is that, due to the nature of any certification process, there is going to be a bit of a lag in getting a build approved, so we may not have a patch go live at exactly the same time as the PC build for example. Overall though, the process has been good.

  1. Since the release of EMBR, we have seen you add some crazy things like EMBR Eats and the new demolition update, which included a toilet grenade. What other crazy things can we expect?

We have a whole new district in the works and yet to be unveiled! The clients are even wealthier, with more sophisticated security systems and exotic residences. There is more competitive and corporate intrigue. We’ll also be debuting a new challenge system with which players could play bonus challenges and earn extra cash or equivalents.

  1. Is the game still on track for a full release sometime in Q2 2021?

While we’re still working to determine the best release date, we are on track overall.

  1. Have you looked anymore into adding Stadia features like State Share or Crowd Play? If so, when can we expect these?

We have completed the feature integrations, and we are working with Stadia on making them available. Hopefully, we will be able to take them live soon.

  1. In our review for EMBR, we mentioned how we would love to see some competitive modes, for example being able to challenge a friend with who can save the most people from a building. Is this something you are looking into?

Those would definitely be fun, and we have looked into them! We would definitely want to explore some type of competitive mode post-release.

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