Developers are already working with Gen 2 Stadia

Developers are working with Gen 2 Stadia.

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X due to release sometime this year, Google will need to upgrade their Google Stadia servers in order to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the next-gen cycle.

Now it seems that Google is already preparing to do this and according to StadiaCast who are reliable sources when it comes to Google Stadia information, have said that they are in talks with a developer who has remained anonymous to protect themselves, has come out and said that developers are already working with Gen 2 of Stadia and have been for the past week now.

Which makes sense as Google will want games to be made for Gen 2 of Stadia and make sure developers can push every little bit they can out the hardware to make games look as good as possible when gen 2 releases.

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Now, this is the selling point of Stadia as when Google release Gen 2 of Stadia, you will not have to go out and buy any new hardware like you will when the PS5 or Xbox Series X releases.

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