Destiny 2: The Collection Leaving Stadia Pro

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 leaving Google Stadia Pro.

Destiny 2: The Collection is leaving Google Stadia Pro

Destiny 2: The collection has been a part of Google Stadia Pro since the launch of Google Stadia, well now it seems that Destiny 2: The Collection will be leaving Google Stadia Pro November 19th.

If you haven’t claimed Destiny 2 yet, then make sure you do before November 19th as once you claim it, the game will be yours to keep as long as you are a pro member.

For those who are not pro members, After November 19, Destiny 2: The Collection will remain available to buy in the Stadia store.

Now hear me out, as im going to speculate a little. Now on other platforms Destiny 2 is free to play, however, on Google Stadia you need either a Stadia pro membership or you need to buy the Destiny 2: The Collection.

So with it leaving Stadia pro that seems weird, so im going to speculate that Google Stadia will soon allow free to play games and Destiny 2 is going to be one of them. As Destiny 2: The collection includes the Forsaken and Shadowkeep DLC. So Destiny 2 will be free to play just the base game and then you can buy the collection which will include the DLC.

This can be backed up by Gem Stadia who found information relating to Free to play games. You can check out that video below:

Not only that but EA are still expected to release two unconfirmed games on Google Stadia, with a lot of speculation that one of the games in Apex Legends. However, only time will tell.

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