Death Carnival Interview – Stadia Features, Exclusive image And More

Death Carnival
Death Carnival Interview.

Death Carnival Interview – Stadia features coming, and more

Death Carnival was one of the games announced as part of the Stadia Makers Program. Death Carnival looks like a really interesting game, so we managed to have a chat with Furyion Games, to get some more details on Death Carnival.

1. What made you decide to be a part of the Stadia Makers program?

We’ve always had Stadia on our radar, because it is just a super convenient gaming platform. You just press Play, and you can instantly play on a bunch of different devices. With Death Carnival, there’s no need to learn the controls and various buttons needed for hours, you just jump in and go even if you’re not used to playing shooters. So it just seemed to make sense for us to be on Stadia!

2. How has Google Supported you in bringing Death Carnival to Google Stadia?

Google has super strong support. Nothing falls through the cracks since they have a really good management system behind it. Whether it is hardware support or software support, they really go out of their way to help so far. There’s also the marketing side of things, where they really do their best to support us with that too.

3. We noticed on your website you go on about weapon customization. How much weapon customization can we expect?

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Lots and lots. We’ve worked on perfecting our Weapon Socket System for years now. We really wanted to refine the game mechanics and the user experience of it. We really wanted every weapon and customization to be impactful, instead of just bumping up some numbers. Every base weapon in the system will differ quite a bit from one another in terms of the playstyle, so that every player will be able to find and further customize their ideal weapons.

4. Can we expect any Stadia specific features, such as Crowd Play?

Yes, we have plans to fully make use of some Stadia features. We can’t talk too much about it yet, but we plan to keep releasing new features and content for Death Carnival even years after release. With current and future Stadia features, we would consider adding them if it makes sense with our gameplay. We have many fun ideas already on things we can do with Stadia features!

5. What made you come up with the idea behind Death Carnival?

Whether it is having a career as a game dev, or going through other things in life, sometimes it just seems like you’re against nearly impossible odds. We wanted to craft an experience where players can stand against overwhelming odds and overcome it with skill and a desire to survive through it. With that as the core, we layered on all the other elements such as visuals and audio to improve the enjoyment of the game.

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6. Is there anything you would like to add?

For over 5 years we’ve poured our hearts and souls into this game, we hope everyone will have a great time with it. Death Carnival is a game that we are building not just for other gamers, but also for ourselves to play. It is our ideal game where we can just jump in and have lots of fun whether it’s on a casual level, or at a competitive level. Whether that is playing through the story campaign with each character in singleplayer or online co-op, or bash some heads in online crossplay PvP. See you in the game soon!

The guys at Furyion Games also sent over an exclusive image, which you can check out below:

Death Carnival Interview - Stadia Features, Exclusive image And More Daily Google Stadia News

Death Carnival exclusive image.

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