Borderlands 3 Free Weekend

Borderlands 3 Stadia
Borderlands 3 is free to play this weekend.

Borderlands 3 is free to play this entire weekend

It has been rumoured that Stadia would be doing free to play weekends, similar to what we see on Xbox and PlayStation.

Well today Google announced that Free to play weekends are happening and the first game to kick it off is Borderlands 3, so Borderlands 3 will be free to play starting  Thursday, August 6 at 9 AM PT through Sunday, August 9 11:59 PM PT.

In order to play, you will need to be a Stadia Pro subscriber. Plus we can assume that your data will be saved, so if after the free to play weekend you decide to buy Borderlands 3, you can start where you left off.

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