Battle royale with 1000+ players coming to Stadia?!

Recently, it was revealed in the Google Stadia Keynote that Google Stadia could possibly support over 1000 players in one single game in the near future. Right now, this doesn’t seem possible with current gen consoles… The standard battle royale match typically consists of 100 players (or less) and this is most likely due to technical limitations.

We already know that Google Stadia has more than double the processing power of current gen consoles (PS4 Pro +Xbox One X) so technically this is most likely possible.

Now, there haven’t been any of the current popular battle royale games announced for Stadia as of yet… But, this could be because Google already have plans to bring new, bigger battle royale games to the service.

What do you think of having 1000+ players in a game? could you imagine a game such as GTA online with 1000+ players in a server? I think it’s a great idea if it can be pulled off! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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