Will Google Stadia Be The Future Of Gaming?

Before we answer the question on will Google Stadia be the future of gaming, lets first go over what the Google Stadia is.

The google Stadia was announced back in March 2019, and when it was announced it caught the attention of every gamer out there, with many gamers being interested in the Google Stadia where as other were sceptical of if Google could pull it of.

Since the announcement, Google has been giving us more and more information and people are starting to get behind Google and support the Google Stadia.

However, the question everyone wants answering is will Google Stadia be the future of gaming and to give you the answer now, if Google can pull off what they are promising then yes and it will completely change the gaming industry.

What does the Google Stadia offer

Ability to play on any device

The Google Stadia allows players to play any time anywhere, want to play Borderlands 3 on your tablet? Google Stadia can do that, want to play Cyberpunk 2077 on your phone? Google Stadia can do that.

According to Google, the Stadia will allow gamers to play anywhere at any time. This feature is called “Cross-Screen” and will be available as early access on launch and over time with feedback from the community will only improve.

Will Google Stadia Be The Future Of Gaming? Daily Google Stadia News

No more waiting for games to download.

With the Google stadia, you will no longer have to wait for games to download, remember when you would come home from work/school to play a brand new game only to have to wait to download a day one patch. Well with the Google Stadia that will be a thing in the past.

Will Google Stadia Be The Future Of Gaming? Daily Google Stadia News

Play games in 4K, 60 FPS.

Google Stadia will give you the ability to play games in 4k, 60 FPS, now granted this does rely on you having a good internet connection, you can test youspeed out here.

Will Google Stadia Be The Future Of Gaming? Daily Google Stadia News

The Price

When it comes to buying the Google Stadia it will cost you £119 if you live in the UK anyway. Which considering a PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch will cost around £300 that isn’t bad.

Now there are 2 different packages when it comes to the Google Stadia these being the Stadia Base and the Stadia Pro the Stadia Base will be free but comes with limitations where as the Stadia Pro will cost you £8.99 a month and gives you access to everything the Google Stadia is offering. You can see the full difference between the packages below.

Will Google Stadia Be The Future Of Gaming? Daily Google Stadia News

Check out this YouTube video of Google showing off all these features:

What can we expect for the future of Google Stadia?

The Google Stadia is decked out to the wall and being as it is Google this makes sense, you can see the spec for Google Stadia below:


  • Custom 2.7ghz hyperthreaded x86 CPUs with AVX2 SIMD


  • Custom AMD GPUs
  • 56 Compute units
  • 10.7 Teraflops
  • Integrated HBM2 Memory

Graphics API

  • Vulkan high-performance, real-time 3D graphics API.


  • A total of 16 GB combined VRAM and system RAM with performance up to 484 GB/s

Operating System

  • Linux

Google Data Center Specs

  • 7500+ edge node locations globally
  • Google Edge Network

Now for those of you that don’t know much about computer specs, ill just let you know that this is insane. Which is why when it comes to the future of Google Stadia we can see impressive things such as 8k, 120fps, game developers can improve games to work for these specs.

8K Gaming

Google Stadia will get 8K gaming there is no question about it, however, I don’t expect to see it anytime soon as most people still have 1080p TVs and they are only just transitioning to 4K. So 8K is still a while away and needs to become more affordable.

No longer need to buy a new console

Buying a console will be a thing in the past, as with the Google Stadia it will be a one time purchase. Now don’t get me wrong I do believe further down the line Google might bring out different iterations to improve on things such as the game controller and stuff like that.

Exclusive Google Stadia Games

Google will further down the line bring out exclusive games for the Stadia, as Google knows this is what will attract more people to the Stadia. Not only that but having exclusive games made specifically for the Google Stadia will show off the hardware and how far developers can push the Google Stadia.

Taking the ideas of gaming to another level, we could be looking at a 1000 player battle royale (that was a joke) but in all seriousness, we could see game developers really push the fold on what gaming is capable off.

So after all this, I generally believe Google Stadia will completely change the gaming industry and in my opinion for the better. As with the specs of the Google Stadia, we could see game developers really push what games are capable of. But this is all just my own opinion and I would love to hear your guys thoughts on what you think about the Google Stadia in the comments below.

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