Why The Google Stadia ‘Good Stuff’ Event Was A Success

Let’s talk about why the Google Stadia ‘Good Stuff’ Event was a success

So if you have been following Google Stadia, you would know that for the past 3 days they announced new games, demos and expansions, which they called Google Stadia ‘Good Stuff’ Event. However, the Stadia community is not very happy with the ‘Good Stuff’ Event and rightly so, as the event was not aimed at those who are already with Google Stadia.

Rather the ‘Good Stuff’ Event was aimed at those who have no idea what Stadia is or have a misconception about Stadia. Which is why there is a lot of hate towards the ‘Good Stuff’ event in the Stadia community, as the Stadia community was expecting big announcements and preferably in the form of longer videos or a Livestream. However, for people with no knowledge towards Google Stadia, this would have just been brushed under the carpet and nobody would have watched it.

So why was it not aimed at the Stadia community? As we mentioned above, you, the Stadia community have already brought into Google Stadia, you understand how it works, you know it works well, you play Stadia either daily or weekly. So Google doesn’t need to target you with these events, rather the this week on stadia is more focused towards the Stadia community, as we get knowledge as to what Google has been working on.

As well as that when Google do a Stadia connect, this is more targeted towards the Stadia community as they know that you will happily sit there and watch a 30-minute video, detailing up and coming games or features coming to the platform that you love or enjoy.

Meaning they are now trying to target that casual audience, who have a misconception about Stadia and won’t watch a 30 minute connect. But will watch a quick 5-minute video about what is coming to Google Stadia and how it works.

So why was it a success if the Stadia community didn’t enjoy it?

Splitting the videos into three days

So first of all the way it was split over three days, now i noticed in the Stadia community, people were hating on this due to the fact that the videos where only 5 minutes long and that they could have just done it all in one day. So why where the videos split across three days?

Well to begin with it is short and snappy and straight to the point, meaning if you don’t like Stadia or haven’t heard of it, you can watch a quick 5-minute video and see what is coming to the platform and how it works. Not only that but splitting the videos over 3 days, means more press coverage by big media outlets as we have seen, i believe over the past three days the Google Stadia ‘Good Stuff’ Event was picked up each day by the big news outlets.


Now before we begin with the demos section, i will say that Google should not have announced all three demos that where coming on day one, but rather should have announced them on the day to build up more hype.

However, the demos were targeted towards everyone, and it really shows what Stadia is capable of, being able to just click a link and be taken straight into Immortals Fenix Rising, without having to wait to download anything or update anything, really does show how amazing Stadia can be.

Now it was clearly working and we saw some big YouTubers try out either Pac Man Mega Tunnel Battle or Immortals Fenix Rising, with them having overall good experience, showing off to there followers that Stadia works and that they can also play these games right now, without having to go out and buy anything. We saw big YouTubers such as ZachScottGames, TmarTn2, as well as a few others.

As well as that, it was nice to see that the demos were completely free to anyone, and not locked behind Stadia pro, which was a really good move.

Explaining how Google Stadia works

At the end of each video, Google explained how Google Stadia works, as we have seen before there is this whole misconception behind Google Stadia that you have to pay a monthly fee in order to play, or that you need to buy the Stadia Premiere Edition. Which as we know is just not the case, Google Stadia is a completely free platform to use.

So it was nice to see that at the end of each video Google explaining how Google Stadia works and how it is completely free to use, this would of 100% made people realise that they were misunderstood about Google Stadia.

LaurenZside and Lamar Wilson

Now while i think they were a bit too over the top in how they presented, it worked, it just worked.

Now usually we have people who work for Stadia presenting these videos and unless you are in with the Stadia community, you probably won’t know who those people are, meaning you don’t care what they have to say, not only that but they just don’t seem to be super enthusiastic in the video, whereas LaurenZside and Lamar Wilson are two really big content creators and have a huge following that they can share the video with, to build interest in Google Stadia.

But it also makes it easier to resonate with them, as you know they are gamers and as i said while they did seem a bit too over the top, people love that and it builds excitement.


Overall the Stadia ‘Good Stuff’ event was a success, while it might not seem that way to the Stadia community, these events really helped with getting more people to try out Stadia and showing off what Stadia is capable off.

Not only that but it helps in building the Stadia community, which at the end of the day is what all us hardcore Stadia fans want.

Little Side Note – After the three days, however, one person ruined all the hard work that the Stadia team have been working on, which really is a shame as you could tell that the Stadia team put a lot of effort and where excited to announce everything, but it all just got ruined. So i do feel sorry for the Stadia team, but you guys are doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work and keep showing people how good Google Stadia really is.

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